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A Swamp Bunny
Ooka is the paternal unit of the household, though he is almost as youthful as his children. He has a quirky sense of humor which gives him a fresh perspective to the world around him. He also has a good work ethic and has the ability to adapt into any environment. Ooka is a trained martial artist and also knows his way pretty well through most computers.

An Arctic Fox
Talon, being the maternal unit, is a beautiful mix of fun and function. She has a beautiful speaking voice as well as other attributes. All of which gets her point across to the people she meets. If you're on her good side, count your lucky stars. If not, count your scars to make sure you'll have enough bandages

A Blue Ferret
This mischeivous little girl gets her looks from her grandmother. With a tendancy to ramble, daydream, be dramatic, fuss, easily distracted by shiny things, uber-playful, hyper-imagination, and fun to be with, Boo is a ferret in the utmost sense. The jury is still out on how she earned her blue fur though.

A Vicious Bunny
Star came into this world on Aug. 17th 2000, and has charmed the dickens out of everybody. Half swamp bunny and half arctic fox gives her the coloration she has, as well as the demeanor of a "vicious bunny". From early observations, she seems to have Ooka's natural bunny luck, and Talon's natural charisma. Combined, this is a very powerful force.

A Grey Wolf
Racer and Talon have been best friends for nearly 15 years. Whatever Talon knows, Racer knows, and vice versa. He is matter-of-fact and makes sure you get to the point as well. He has a remarkable ability to tell people to go to hell while making sure they enjoy the trip.
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