Welcome to VisionMeld Comics

Sworn Protector of the Rotaknight kingdom
Kurv is the most loyal, trustworthy, honorable of the knights. This also makes him the one most likely to get in trouble. The web is one big candy store to Kurv, which makes him unaware of the pitfalls it has.

Strongest of the Quadknights
Skwar is the all around bad boy. His messed up sense of morals tend to get the knights in trouble with those they cohabitat the web with. He's a troublemaker through and through.

Head Scholar of the Pyraknights
Pike is supposed to be the brains of the operation, heavy influence on "supposed to be". He is the head scholar of the Pyraknights because he cracked a book once at an attempt to read. The only thing he's proven so far is that he's a smart ass.

The Bad Bad Magician Man
Verte hates the knights. Pure and simple. They taunted and teased him for most his life because he used magic. Now he's on the web and using code to bring an end to the knights. With his kind of luck, don't expect that to be too soon....

Website Guardian/Repairelf
Kalk is the elf that keeps the website together. Always with a hardworking demeanor, Kalk is the workhorse of the strip, and all the characters know it and use it to their advantage.
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